Borrowing Benefits

Imagine the strange, entangled world of Quantum physics at work:

Just this week a group of people sat with me in a tapping circle. Each person secretly wrote a concern on a piece of paper and then sat on it. As we worked with one person’s publicly shared concern, everyone tapping along, each person took stock of the intensity they were experiencing with their own concern. After we tapped down the intensity of the willing participant we asked for intensity levels of the others in the circle, those who had not publicly shared their concerns. Bingo! The levels all dropped, some to zero. Why? How?

You could chalk it up to some group hypnosis, maybe a trance state induced in the same way as a drum circle does – except our bodies are the drums. Maybe so. Or perhaps it is the power of suggestion and the most suggestible received the most indirect benefit. Maybe so again.

Or the answer is more directly and invisibly related to shared energy. Why else do people gather together in prayer and meditation and yoga groups? You could and can do it alone. It is because of the shared energy. There is a qualitative difference between a solitary and communal experience. And in our circle of concern, sharing and practicing synchronized tapping on energy meridians, our energy systems entangled, and the benefits and shifts in one person’s consciousness was shared by others.

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