We have a body and are a body

One of the remarkable insights of integrative approaches to healing is the somatic dimension, the body. Our consciousness manifests traumatic memories that live in the energy fields of our bodies.

This is why embodied pain/conflict/suffering manifests in our bodies in particular places. Because the emotional energy is localized in our bodies we are provided a powerful tool for both identifying and healing all that is blocked or unresolved. Our bodies speak to us and provide a channel for touching the untouchable.

If you ever wonder how it is that pain can actually move around our body it is because energy is fluid, shifts and may be shifted. In EFT there are many times that we “chase the pain” as it moves around the body – and therefore around our consciousness. It starts one place and moves to another, usually to the more important place.

The wisdom of our bodies speaks and provides a pathway to wholeness and healing.

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