EFT and Pandemic Stress

One of the things we’ve discovered about the pandemic is the degree of stress it adds to everyone’s life. From front line health providers to the sick and those who love them, the unemployed, those already struggling with mental health issues, and every person who feels the loss of social connection, the pandemic leaves many feeling cut off, aimless, and full of fear.

The pandemic has also provided a “time out” for our society and world, the opportunity to reassess and reprioritize our lives. We will be passing to a new world – at least new in large respects – and the shifts we make now in our minds, relationships and vocations will have a lasting impact in the future.

Pandemics and great social shifts shake out other issues as well, like our present and ongoing unrest around racial injustice. That is also one of the effects of a pandemic.

To clear away the impediments to embracing the necessity for change we release the deep emotions that are attached to our thoughts, unconscious memories, and programmed into our automatic fight/flight/freeze responses.

By tapping directly on the most troublesome emotions – and then letting those lead us to deeper ones still – we fine the air to breath again, the flow of energy that fills us with confidence and strength.

Listen to your body and allow your mind to settle in the place where you sense emotions – in the neck and shoulders, chest, stomach, back … and use the EFT tapping regimen as you name that place in your body – its weight, tightness, color, texture – and with it perhaps an accompanying emotion: fear, sadness, hurt, confusion, anger – and by naming and tapping allow the release of its hold on you.

It is a difficult time for most and especially hard for those already struggling with past trauma and unresolved struggles. Let us remain compassionate with those around us. We have made it through hard times before and we will again.

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