EFT and me

Tim Carson has long experience in the emotional and spiritual healing arts. He has accompanied many persons through a broad array of life transitions and struggles. Tim is interfaith fluent and works with people from all religious traditions and none, including those who consider themselves spiritual but not necessarily religious.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a healing modality that is complimentary to his own understanding of the mind-body-spirit matrix. Tapping into this rich power releases the natural healing properties. Tim practices EFT to address emotional duress and past trauma, life transitions, phobias, painful memories, self-limiting narratives, grief, and spiritual growth.

In addition, Tim is also a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner – an advanced specialty within EFT. Matrix work deals deeply with past, subconscious and energetic memories and the emotion and thoughts affiliated with them.

Tim has also completed training in Trauma-Informed Systems  and the Neurosequential Model through Great Circle

Tim meets face-to-face with clients and also remotely online.

“EFT has greatly improved my quality of life and work and has given me a deeper acceptance of my emotions. I can’t think of a better person to bring this profound healing method than Tim Carson.”

— Jenny McGee, Columbia, Missouri