EFT at home

woman on computer5Though there is not a substitute for face-to-face conversation, learning and encounter, we do live in a time of interconnected communication, distance learning, personal communication devises, on-line shopping and electronic meetings. Our virtual reality has become actual, a central way in which we access information, conduct business, cultivate relationships and secure what we need.

It is not uncommon for a person to find and order an online product with a couple of clicks. Dating sites provide the technology to filter, contact, communicate, and explore. With a lap top or smart phone and connection to the net it is possible to home office, communicate with loved ones while traveling the world, pay your bills and book your flight. That’s our world.. It’s the one you and I live in.

When it comes to securing a source of personal healing and growth why wouldn’t we operate in the same ways? Why shouldn’t I expect to find a personal and trusting relationship with an EFT practitioner in the comfort and privacy of my own space? There is no reason not to. In the digital domain geography becomes irrelevant.

This is how it works in my practice:

In addition to meeting clients face to face I also provide EFT through Skype or FaceTime. We email or text each other the time of our meeting. This takes place wherever we happen to be as long as we have access to the net.