Working with children and EFT

One of my great pleasures has been to engage in co-therapy with a trained and certified play therapist. Her finely tuned skills and experience escort children through some of the most difficult developmental and situational challenges of childhood. When it comes to trauma EFT has provided a powerful adjunct tool to deal with those traumas in a gentle but effective way. The somatic approach of tapping serves to not only stimulate the energy meridians as conscious and subconscious material surfaces, but the repetition acts in a semi-hypnotic way, simultaneously soothing and reducing levels of resistance and fear. The emotions attached to critical stories are exposed and then drained off. The fact that we have a method or practice to employ, a defined way to approach a problem, is comforting. The use of “proxy” stuffed animals or dolls are very helpful in not only teaching how to tap but allowing the child to project their feelings upon a “third object” outside of themselves.