The way I work

What are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR)?

EFT utilizes tapping on energy centers in the body while simultaneously surfacing distressing emotions. It relies on the body’s natural energy system to correct many of the mind-body-spirit origins of suffering. Many of these practices have roots in ancient spiritual and healing traditions. They also reflect current understandings from brain research, cognitive studies and energetic systems. EFT is grounded in extensive clinical trials with peer review and these studies are available for examination.

MR enters interior consciousness and interacts with our memories and the content found therein; our conscious selves interact with past selves and we surface insights, integrate aspects of ourselves and identify resources for the selves that live in memory. Tapping is also employed in MR but in a slightly different way. New awareness replaces old patterns or deeply held emotions.

What are the limitations of my EFT/MR practice?

EFT and MR are not substitutes for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical or mental health conditions by a licensed health-care professional. If you have a disorder that has been diagnosed and treated by a licensed health professional my services should be considered as adjunct to that care. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders, nor am I trained or licensed to do so.

 What do we do in an EFT/MR session?

The practitioner and client tap together, each on their own bodies, as we talk through the aspects of various presenting issues. Our goal is to allow the energy to correct and clear emotional charges that are retained by the body/mind. The methods used are gentle and non-invasive and we move at the pace of the client. We plan for most sessions to last around 45 minutes.

My background and training

I am a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, Intermediate level. My certification is through EFT Universe and its training program. If you have any questions about EFT and this certification I recommend that you inquire directly at Eftuniverse.. I am also an MR (Matrix Reimprinting) Practitioner. If you have any questions about MR and this certification I recommend that you inquire directly at Matrixreimprinting.

I also have extensive experience working with individuals and families passing through difficult times. Though I work with all persons, religious or not, I do have extensive knowledge of religious traditions and spirituality and may integrate that perspective for those who desire it. I am a specialist in something called “liminality” – transitional states – and have researched and written in this area extensively.


I keep brief notes on each session, primarily noting the date of the session, the issues addressed and techniques used. You are welcome to request that I make these notes available to other providers. All records are securely maintained and are retained for at least seven years, after which time I securely dispose of them.


With the exception of special circumstances described below, I maintain strict confidentiality, not sharing anything we have discussed with any other person without your permission. You may direct me to share information with whomever you choose, and you can change your mind and revoke that permission at any time.

Following are exceptions to your right to confidentiality:

  1. There are situations in which I am obligated to protect others from harm, even if I have to reveal some information about a client’s sessions. This includes the abuse of children, the elderly or disabled. It also includes instances in which the client intends to harm him/herself or another person.
  2. If you disclose the unethical behavior of any other provider of medical or psychological services I would be required to report this to that practitioner’s state licensing board.
  3. In certain legal proceedings a judge may order my testimony. Confidentiality is not protected when a judge makes such an order.

Fees for services and payment

My standard fee for a 45 minute session is $100. That fee may be prorated for a longer or shorter session. With prior agreement we may adjust the fee level due to personal circumstances. Payment is expected at the time of services unless we agree otherwise.