It’s the body (not only the mind)

Two outstanding books that address trauma parallel one another:
Touch by Michael Changaris (Life Rhythm, 2015) and Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine (North Atlantic Books, 1997). They both assume that the body is the key to understanding psychic pain as well as the pathway to its healing.

For Changaris there is a direct neurobiological link with touch and that explains everything from developmental delays to techniques of healing. Therapeutic interventions most often utilized include touch of various kinds in different settings. For Levine trauma is body-based and healing comes through an awareness of sensations related to the trauma.

However important cognitive therapies are our emotional selves live in and express themselves through our bodies. Our interaction with body – listening to it as well as physically touching it – gets to the root of emotional suffering much more quickly without re-traumatizing the person.

EFT utilizes exposure therapy and cognitive restructuring. But it does so while simultaneously tapping on the energy centers of the body, activating the body’s innate power to clear trauma and replace it with the unimpeded flow of energy.


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